Hoagies & Grinders

Small 8" roll Large 12" roll Sm   Lg

Make your hoagie into a grinder for .50 ea

Extras: Mushrooms, extra cheese, pickles, bacon, pepperoni, bell, hot or sweet peppers .50 ea

 Italian 5.50  8.00
 Ham & Cheese 5.50 8.00
 Tuna 5.50  8.00


Our turkey is oven roasted & sliced down to make the perfect sandwiches

5.50  8.00
 Roast Beef 5.50  8.00

 Roman Grinder

Our Italian Hoagie baked under Provolone cheese & sliced pepperoni

6.50  8.50

 Norristown Zep

Cooked salami, provolone cheese, tomatoes, oil, oregano & onions

5.00  7.50



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